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I am Dr. Disha Nighot, Cosmetic Dentist and Implantologist, based in Thane.

I would love to talk about how happy and content I am with the design and execution of my residence in Thane by Ar. Deepti Tangri and her team!

We got her reference through a friend and we selected her based on the outstanding execution of her past projects, her passion towards her work and her down to earth & approachable personality!

Their impeccable taste and knowledge of the design was reassuring. Each post of the design was creative and solution focused! She could relate to our thoughts and choices and put them through, beautifully, keeping the budget in mind!

Deepti Tangri's conceptual design talent was immediately obvious and the rigor and intelligence with which she approached her work in our residence was very impressive!

She and her team exceeded our expectations and our residence emerged to be one of the best that our guests quoted to have had ever seen!

We loved working with Deepti Tangri & her team and would highly recommend them for their leadership and amazing customer experience. They were not only easy to work with, but were also willing to take the time to respond to our questions and concerns.”

Thank you Deepti Tangri!

Disha Nighot

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